About me

I am a fifth year Ph.D. student at Center for Speech and Langauge Processing, Johns Hopkins University. I study natural language processing (NLP), advised by Prof. Benjamin Van Durme.

Before my Ph.D. study, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in physics and computer science at Peking University. I used to work as research interns at Microsoft Research Asia (mentored by Chin-Yew Lin), Semantic Machines (mentored by Anthony Platanios), and Microsoft Research Lab at Redmond. I was also a visiting student at Johns Hopkins University in 2018, mentored by Hongyuan Mei and Jason Eisner.

I am on the job market now, looking for both postdoc and industry opportunities!

Find my email address here.

My research

I am interested in language representation, especially for long texts. I aim to represent the text in a structured manner rather than token-wise representation like vanilla Transformers. I also work on its applications, such as efficient language models.

In the past, I worked on other fields such as (ordered by reversed time): information extraction, prompting (for which I won the Best Short Paper award in NAACL 2021), time-series analysis, and data-to-text generation.


I am more known as hiaoxui, who is the founder of WallessPKU. Walless is a platform that helps Chinese netizens to circumvent the Great Firewall. For over 7 years, I have been developing and funding this non-profit project to help tens of thousands people to access the internet without censorship.

My name

My name is 秦光辉 in Chinese. Guang’hui is pronounced like kwang-huei. Qin is like Chin.